Encyclopedia MUSE

Achtung! Spoiler alert! This encyclopedia contains secrets about the Projekt MUSE universe, so read at your own risk!


Another name for the harmonic core. The harmonic core are thought to be ancient devices because to date they have only been found at archaeological digs of ancient cities.


Any person involved in doing complex calculation tasks individually or in a specific sequence. Automatic computers that use mechanical systems (mechanical computers) or electrical devices (electric computers) are also possible.

Electrical Computer

A device designed to do calculations in a specific sequence that uses electrical components for its operation. Can by hybridized with mechanical computers or human computers.

Fall Weiss

SPOILER ALERT. Operation launched in Chapter 4 of Project MUSE. Details of the operation will be posted upon completion of the operation. Please stay tuned.

Harmonic Core

The heart of the MUSE system. A device of unknown origin that has a powerful Universal Turing Machine electrical computer. It has a generalized input and output interface for electromechanical devices, as well as the ability to interact with a Tuner through the use of molecular machines. Sometimes called an artifact due to the fact that it is typically found in the ruins of ancient civilizations.


Sky Knight. The German word for a MUSE aircraft such as the Me JgLR 109A.


Machine-User Synchronization Enabled (MUSE) refers to any device that is equipped to interface with a Tuner through a Harmonic Core.

MUSE Computer

A computer that uses a harmonic core to do calculations in a specific sequence. Without a Tuner, requires electrooptical and electromechanical devices for interaction. Dr. Richard Brandt has the only known MUSE computer in existence for use on Projekt MUSE.

MUSE Ritter

German for MUSE Knight. Any MUSE weapon system.

Mechanical Computer

A mechanical device used to do calculations in a specific sequence. Can be hybridized with electrical computers or human computers. Also known as a Babbage Machine.

Molecular Machines

Machines that bond and interact with Tuners. The function of these machines are not well understood, but they allow for Tuners to form a conscious interface with the Harmonic Core, as well as offering the Tuner physical protection and strength. They are believed to be machines that are constructed at the molecular level. Only Tuners are able to interface with the molecular machines.


Armor Knight. The German word for a MUSE panzer such as the Brandt PzR IIA.

Projekt MUSE

A privately funded program begun by Baron Frederick Schwarzenberg and Dr. Richard Brandt to build weapons capable of fighting against the forces of the Tower. Contracts went to weapons manufacturers from around the world to build MUSE weapons. Many companies declined to bid on the contracts because the specifications were for weapon systems that required a control system that could not be built. Messerschmitt, Lockheed, Supermarine Aviation, Nakajima, the USP Yakolev OKB, Curtiss and Fiat all took up the challenge. Messerschmitt was the first company to create a working prototype. After the demonstration model Me LR 100 was built and flown at a secret demonstration at the advanced weapons testing facility at Peenemunde, other manufacturers and governments have also signed onto the project.


Synchronization is the ability to harmonize with the molecular machines and communicate via thought to the Harmonic Core. Dr. Brandt created a straightforward test which can be administered in under an hour to determine if someone can synchronize with a Harmonic Core without a Harmonic Core being present.


The name given to the alien forces which have landed in eastern Prussia. They derive their name from the giant Tower that they planted overnight that runs from the surface into the sky. No humans have been able to return with information on the zone immediately surrounding the base of the Tower since its arrival in 01 September 1939, and all communication with people in the region has been completely cut off.


Someone capable of synchronization. So far, only female musicians and dancers have been able to synchronize. It appears that Tuners are very rare, with estimates suggesting that there may be only one Tuner per million humans. The distribution of Tuners does not appear to be geographically even.


Someone controling a MUSE device through synchronization is said to be Tuning.