Don’t Forget C83 West ほ8a!

Hi everyone, a reminder that Projekt MUSE will be at FuyuComi/C83 on Day 3 (tomorrow!) West Hall, ほ[Ho]-8a!  This is also an announcement that we have added a Twitter feed (@ProjektMUSE) so that people can track our convention appearances and other updates.  We plan on going to other shows to sell Projekt MUSE as well as Projekt MUSE Z-System, so stay tuned!

Welcome to Projekt MUSE Z-System!

Hello, I just got back from the printers.  Z-System will be a 12 page doujin game, with our debut of the system at Comic Market 83 (Tokyo Big Sight, 12/29-12/31).  We will be selling our doujinshi on Day 3 (12/31), West Hall Ho-8a. (西ーほ8a).  Please stop by if you’d like to look at some map pieces, painted and unpainted.  If you don’t have your own printer, we will have a limited number of tiles for sale, including the Big Sight tile (limited numbers)!  We are working on a copy book that introduces the basics of 3D printing as well, so please look forward to it!  The game will be based on the Projekt MUSE universe, so please check out http:/// if you are interested.  We will be selling the Projekt MUSE dousjinshi as well.