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Projekt MUSE Z-System doujin has arrived!

By adminSaturday - December 22nd, 2012Categories: Projekt MUSE Post, Uncategorized

The Projekt MUSE Z-System doujin has arrived from the printers!  This is different from other doujin from Projekt MUSE, in that it is a game designed to be printed out with a 3D printer.  The best part?  The game itself is set in the Projekt MUSE universe!  The introductory scenario features a battle between Wil […]

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Convoy Trapped

By adminWednesday - September 9th, 2009Categories: Uncategorized

Back from holiday with page 8! Things are moving along quite a bit…can’t wait to see Hildy in action!

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Banner page updated

By adminWednesday - August 26th, 2009Categories: Uncategorized

Hello everyone. I found a bug in the vertical banner code, due to a very silly cut and paste error on my part. I also discovered that the blog software was automagically adding smart-quotes to the text boxes. The result is if you paste the HTML into a blog, you would have smart-quotes embedded in […]

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