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Projekt MUSE at Comitia!

By adminSaturday - February 2nd, 2013Categories: Projekt MUSE Post

Our friend Yazuki Wolf will be selling his game at Comitia.  Projekt MUSE will be there too! @yazukiwolf: 明日、コミティアに出ます。 Ill be selling at Comitia tomorrow, booth No. か18a

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Comiket Reminder, Twitter Account!

By adminSaturday - December 29th, 2012Categories: Projekt MUSE Post

Hi everyone, a reminder that Projekt MUSE will be at FuyuComi/C83 on Day 3 (tomorrow!) West Hall, ほ[Ho]-8a!  This is also an announcement that we have added a Twitter feed (@ProjektMUSE) so that people can track our convention appearances and other updates.  We plan on going to other shows to sell Projekt MUSE as well […]

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Projekt MUSE Z-System doujin has arrived!

By adminSaturday - December 22nd, 2012Categories: Projekt MUSE Post, Uncategorized

The Projekt MUSE Z-System doujin has arrived from the printers!  This is different from other doujin from Projekt MUSE, in that it is a game designed to be printed out with a 3D printer.  The best part?  The game itself is set in the Projekt MUSE universe!  The introductory scenario features a battle between Wil […]

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Introducing: Projekt MUSE Z-System!

By adminSunday - December 16th, 2012Categories: Projekt MUSE Post

Hi everyone, sorry for such a long quiet period.  In reality we were preparing something big…our first game set in the Projekt MUSE universe!  The game is part of what we are calling Projekt MUSE Z-System, and while the maps are meant to work with any game, we made an introductory game featuring Z-System using […]

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Comiket 83 here we come!

By adminFriday - November 2nd, 2012Categories: Projekt MUSE Post

We had a technical glitch with our circle cut, but the important thing is that we have a table at Comiket 83! We will be selling copies of Projekt MUSE volume 1, as well as Projekt MUSE Illustrations. We will also have a new project on display, Projekt MUSE Z-System, which is a game accessory […]

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