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Airborne Cavalry, Part 2

By adminWednesday - September 30th, 2009Categories: Projekt MUSE Post

Page 17 up. Sorry for the delay.

Anyway, as I was saying in the previous post, that got me thinking…how about creating a turboprop motorcycle? We’ve seen jetbikes and hoverbikes before, but what about a turboprop bike? Put some guns on it, and you’d have a small, agile weapons system. To make it work in the World War II context, you’d need pretty advanced computers and a good user interface, but that is taken care of with the Harmonic Core system, throw in tiltrotor capability for hovering and extreme maneuvers…viola, the MUSE Luftritter is born.

That doesn’t answer all of the questions about the Luftritter, but it at least gives all of you a hint as to the process that went into developing them. In any case, enough hardware talk, we finally get to see a bit more of the characters now, so enjoy!

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Comments Reactivated

By adminMonday - September 28th, 2009Categories: Projekt MUSE Post

I feel like a dolt. I was wondering why the comments had dropped off, it was because a switch I had flipped I forgot to unflip. My apologies. Comments are back on, and please do leave comments, we love hearing from people!

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Airborne Cavalry

By adminMonday - September 28th, 2009Categories: Projekt MUSE Post

Page 16 is up!

I think I should take a moment to kind of explain the whole inspiration behind the Luftritter concept. I wanted to add a mecha slant to World War II, but I was hesitant to use the current trend in “mecha musume” using semi-anthropomorphized pilot/weapons (aka Strike Witches/MC Axis). Instead, I wanted to use the more “traditional” women as pilots (ala Sky Girls/Gundam “MS Girls”) mecha musume approach. This is probably where Projekt MUSE started drifting a little from the stereotypical mecha musume storyline. There will be more traditional mecha (don’t worry about that – [cough]PanzerRitter II[cough]), but the idea started floating around when I was talking to Lonewolf during the concept phase about motorcycles. Motorcycles, if you think about it, sort of fill the role that the horse played in earlier days of warfare. The primary difference is that cavalry ended up not really adopting the motorcycle, favoring the armored car, and later, the helicopter. Instead, motorcycles are used more for scouting, messenger and police/traffic control, not unlike how horses were used by non cavalry in lets say the Napoleonic or Civil War eras. The rare anomaly of something like Japanese bicycle infantry units aside, motorcycles and other “ridden” mounts were not typically used as a frontline combat unit.

That got me thinking… (to be continued)

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