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By adminSunday - December 6th, 2009Categories: Projekt MUSE Post

Lonewolf has generously shared with me a sketch she had made that hadn’t been used elsewhere. I have it posted as the manga page: Artwork – See Ya Around.

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Farewell, PM

By adminFriday - December 4th, 2009Categories: Projekt MUSE Post

I hoped this day wouldn’t come…or come so soon. It saddens me to announce that Projekt MUSE will be placed on hold until further notice. We really needed a certain level of support to keep this experiment running, but it seems that it just wasn’t there. I appreciate that building an audience for a webcomic can take years, but to make this work, LW had to commit a large amount of her time. Because of that commitment, it had to generate some revenue to keep it going.

I really appreciate all of you out there who contributed your dollars, your comments and your votes. Like you, I’m going to miss Will, Ada and Hildy.

As a personal note to LW: I know our collaboration was sometimes a rocky one. All I can say is that I really am a fan of your art and style, and I only wish we could have figured out the right way to make this work.

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Earth Scores!

By adminWednesday - December 2nd, 2009Categories: Projekt MUSE Post

New page up for your enjoyment. Woo woo, one point for Earth! Go us!

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