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Novel Button Added

By adminTuesday - September 28th, 2010Categories: Projekt MUSE Post

I will investigate a better way to do this, but for now, to read the novel form of the story, please click on the “novel” button at the top navigation bar to read the story.  I begin with the “Prologue,” and will post Chapter 1 as schedule permits. Also added Facebook and Twitter functionality as a test.

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Berlin, German Union
Schwarzenberg Conservatory Concert Hall
23 September 1939


Wilhelmina paused, hands raised above the keyboard.  Drawing in a deep breath, she closed her eyes as her fingers began to move on their own. Tonight was Brahms Variations on a Theme in A Minor.  As she began to play she felt the audience, the stage, even her physical presence melt away.  For Wilhelmina, music was never about performing for an audience.  For her, music was a chance to set her soul free, to dance among the notes, languidly drifting here, frantically spinning there, tossed about like a leaf in an intoxicating whirlwind of rhythm.  The piece continued, her fingers moving without thought or premeditation, in a wild race to express every moment deeply and with heartfelt emotion.  Her long shimmering silver hair was weightless as it obeyed every note, tossed about by the ebb and flow of the music.


For the audience, the effect was breathtaking.  It was the perfect union of visual and aural beauty.  Wilhelmina’s long slender form, elegant curves, radiant skin and impeccable black dress offset by her long silver hair and an intensity that crackled in the air melded with a hauntingly emotional interpretation of Brahms.  For her students it was inspirational.  Tonight was the Schwarzenberg Conservatory’s inaugural all-school recital, and their rektor, Wilhelmina Schwarzenberg had agreed, reluctantly at first, to her first public performance in almost 4 years.


Wilhelmina felt herself being pulled deeper and deeper into the music.  As the different variations weaved into an emotional crescendo, she felt as if entire body was flying in a starry black sky of musical notes, all racing towards a bright point of light.  Her intense love of music had driven her to found this school, to give other women a chance to experience this intense emotional experience.  Faster and faster she flew, with every note moving her closer to the light.


Suddenly, an icy cold blew through her like a winter storm.  Her limbs became heavy, her fingers suddenly losing control.  She was falling, falling away from the light as the sky seemed to shatter. Her fingers began to stumble as confusion broke into screams and panic.  Wilhelmina suddenly snapped back onto the stage, awoken by the sounds of explosions and air-raid sirens.  Coldness crept down her spine.  She stopped playing.  The theater staff immediately began evacuating the panicked audience.   Escorted by her family’s private security force, she was ushered from a side exit into the cool fall night.  Berlin was on fire. An icy pit formed in her stomach.  No one needed to tell her, Father was dead.


Chapter 1: First Encounter

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A Divided America

By adminTuesday - September 28th, 2010Categories: Projekt MUSE Post

Today’s illustration is a great way to introduce our three lovely warriors from the Divided Americas, namely Isabella Delucca, Hope Johnson and Helen North. While poker is played across Divided America, Isabella is showing Hope and Helen how Yankees play the game. Isabella Delucca is from the United States. Born and raised in Chicago, she inherited the “family business” to keep her younger brother out of trouble. Hope (not looking very hopeful in this picture) is a Southern Belle from one of the leading Confederate Families in Richmond, the Johnson Family of Peachwater Creek. Finally, Hollywood star Helen “Lucky” North looks like she might have run out of luck this time. Originally from the United States, Helen is a recent transplant to the Free City of Hollywood, where her acting career has just started to take off.

A few universe notes. (You can click on the “world/countries” tab for more info on Divided America, and on the “character” tab for more info on the girls) Isabella is sporting a United States Army Air MUSE Corps uniform. Helen’s uniform, a Free Hollywood Air Patrol uniform, is basically the same as the US Army Air MUSE Corps uniform. The USA was instrumental in supporting Hollywood’s independence from the Confederacy, and members of Hollywood’s militia routinely train at US bases. The USA and Hollywood are careful not to take the final step of unification to avoid provoking the Confederacy, an arrangement which suits Washington and the Hollywood Studio Oligarchs just fine. Hope is wearing the uniform of the Confederate States Air Force. Pilots are given considerable leeway in their uniforms, so you can bet that they will take liberties with their uniforms.

A note on rank. MUSE Tuners have a special status that gives them the unique ability to handle MUSE Aircraft. On the other hand, this special ability also means that they do not require the extensive training that is typically required to pilot an aircraft. This is the stated reason that none of the three Divided America MUSE pilots are officers. Some observers have noted that perhaps this is more because the male dominated military was uncomfortable with having the first combat females in their respective militaries being officers. Time will tell if this trend holds.

In placing this picture in the Projekt MUSE storyline, the three girls didn’t meet each other until after they were assigned to the Valkyrie Knights Battalion, Schwarzenberg Combat Group in June 1940. I’m sure the three Divided America girls will be more than happy to teach the other girls how to play poker! I can’t wait!

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We’re Back in Business!

By adminTuesday - September 28th, 2010Categories: Projekt MUSE Post

Hello everyone. It has been a long break, but it looks like we’re back in business! Our format is going to change a bit, however. The current plan is to leave the existing comics up, but add occasional illustrations. I will also be re-releasing the Projekt MUSE story in light novel format. I don’t have a firm schedule yet, but we will do our best to update the site often, so please come back and don’t forget to mention us to your friends! The girls are back, the Valkyrie Knights are ready to re-arm and refuel, and the fight against the Tower has just begun!

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