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Secret Revealed!

By adminThursday - March 24th, 2011Categories: Projekt MUSE Post

I’ve been holding off announcing this because there were so many unknowns…but its time to let people know…Projekt MUSE will make its print debut in Japan at Comitia 96! We’re still working out a lot of the details, but our registration was made and the listing was just confirmed. If you are in Japan on May 5, pay us a visit!

The list of circles (We’re listed as Projekt MUSE)

Our Circle.MS website is here:

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Little Hectic

By adminWednesday - March 16th, 2011Categories: Projekt MUSE Post

Hi all, things a little hectic at the moment, but all is well. Bit of media sensationalism going on. That being said, the blackouts etc. have affected some things. We hope to announce the progress on the Secret Operation soon enough, so please stay tuned. Thanks, and please let your thoughts go out to those who have been and still are suffering in Northern Japan.

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Secret Operation

By adminTuesday - March 1st, 2011Categories: Projekt MUSE Post

OK, it looks like things have slowed down on the site. The truth is we’ve been working on a top secret mission. I’m still waiting on a few more things falling into place before I make anything public, but please stay tuned. Hopefully I’ll be able to post the details soon! I’m pretty excited about it, so hopefully fans of Projekt MUSE can hang on just a little bit longer. Thanks!

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