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Comiket Reminder, Twitter Account!

By adminSaturday - December 29th, 2012Categories: Projekt MUSE Post

Hi everyone, a reminder that Projekt MUSE will be at FuyuComi/C83 on Day 3 (tomorrow!) West Hall, ほ[Ho]-8a!  This is also an announcement that we have added a Twitter feed (@ProjektMUSE) so that people can track our convention appearances and other updates.  We plan on going to other shows to sell Projekt MUSE as well as Projekt MUSE Z-System, so stay tuned!

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Projekt MUSE Z-System doujin has arrived!

By adminSaturday - December 22nd, 2012Categories: Projekt MUSE Post, Uncategorized

The Projekt MUSE Z-System doujin has arrived from the printers!  This is different from other doujin from Projekt MUSE, in that it is a game designed to be printed out with a 3D printer.  The best part?  The game itself is set in the Projekt MUSE universe!  The introductory scenario features a battle between Wil and Ai versus Hilde and Adal using Dr. Brant’s newest weapon, the Panzerritter IIA…who wins?  Well, that’s for you to find out!  The map you see is the map printed with a 3D printer in plastic.  The picture of Ai you see is a pilot card.  For more info, check out

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Introducing: Projekt MUSE Z-System!

By adminSunday - December 16th, 2012Categories: Projekt MUSE Post

Hi everyone, sorry for such a long quiet period.  In reality we were preparing something big…our first game set in the Projekt MUSE universe!  The game is part of what we are calling Projekt MUSE Z-System, and while the maps are meant to work with any game, we made an introductory game featuring Z-System using characters from Projekt MUSE!  If you’re curious about the system, please hit for more info.  We will be selling the Z-System doujin game, have sample map pieces for sale, and will be selling both volumes of Projekt MUSE doujinshi, so make sure to stop by if you are at Comiket!

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