Wilhelmina von Schwarzenberg

Age: 23
Birthday:  25 October 1916
Citizenship: Prussia, German Union
Hometown: Berlin
Instrument: Piano
Weapon: Mauser 98K
Sidearm: Luger P08 Parabellum
MUSE Ritter: Messerschmitt Jaegerluftritter 109A (Me JgLR 109A)

Wilhelmina is from a Junker family from Prussia. At a young age Wilhelmina’s father, Frederick von Schwarzenberg groomed his daughter to assume management of the vast family industrial empire. Wilhelmina respected her father’s wishes, studying engineering and management diligently, but her true passion was always music. Eventually Frederick relented, turning over the future of the company to Wilhelmina’s younger brother, Edwin. This freed Wilhelmina to travel abroad to study piano at Julliard’s in New York, United States of America. A gifted pianist, Wilhelmina decided to focus her energy towards the founding of an all girls music conservatory in Berlin. The Bertha Schwarzenberg Musical Conservatory opened its doors in 1938, named after her mother, who died when she was very young. Backed by the tireless efforts of Wilhelmina and the financial might of the Schwarzenberg Group, the conservatory has quickly earned the reputation of being one of the finest music schools in Europe.

Adalwolfa Schulman

Age: 18
Birthday: 9 April 1921
Citizenship: Austria, German Union
Hometown: Vienna
Instrument: Violin
Weapon: Mauser 98K
Sidearm: Luger P08 9mm Parabellum
MUSE Ritter: Messerschmitt Jaegerluftritter 109A (Me JgLR 109A)

Adalwolfa is a quiet Jewish girl, born and raised in Vienna. The third child in a middle-class family, Adawolfa spent much of her time buried in books. Aside from books, Adalwolfa has two passions, coffee house desserts and motorcycles. She has a natural gift for the violin. Normally a loner, her acceptance into the Schwarzenberg Conservatory and subsequent befriending of Wilhelmina von Schwarzenberg has made her more open. Despite technically being a student at the conservatory, she has often been seen in Wilhelmina’s office, resulting in considerable speculation among students that she is in fact the headmistresses assistant and confidant.

Brunhilde Rauchenberg

Age: 20
Birthday: 27 February 1919
Citizenship: Bavaria, German Union
Hometown: Munich
Instrument: Voice (Soprano)
Weapon: MP38 SMG
Sidearm: Walther P38 (prototype)
MUSE Ritter: Messerschmitt Jaegerluftritter 109A (Me JgLR 109A)/Panzerritter IIA (PzRt IIA)

Brunhilde comes from a Munich working-class family. Her father works at the Spaten Brewery, where she also works as a biermadchen. She became quite famous in Munich for singing lively tunes as she delivered beer during Oktoberfest. After being recruited on a scholarship to the Schwarzenberg Conservatory she put away the beer steins, but not her energy and enthusiasm. Always looking for fun, she is often at the center of attention at parties. When she isn’t out singing and drinking, you will find her in her room glued to Mills and Boon romance novels. Wilhelmina has done her best to make Brunhilde (or “Hildy”, as she is known around school) sing opera instead of folk music. Wilhelmina believes that Hildy would make the perfect Freyja, the blonde goddess of love from Wagner’s Ring Cycle.

Isabella DeLucca

Age: 19
Birthday: 8 June 1921
Citizenship: United States of America
Hometown: Chicago
Instrument: Alto Sax
Weapon: Thompson SMG (M1921) w/ 50 round drum
Sidearm: Colt M1911
MUSE Ritter: Lockheed M-38 Lightning

Isabella DeLucca was a prominent member of Al Capone’s Chicago Outfit. An accomplished Jazz musician, Isabella was forced to take over the family business at age 16 when her father was gunned down by gang rivals in 1936. While not particularly fond of the life of organized crime, she was motivated to take power to prevent her younger brother Enrico from inheriting the position. While at the movies she saw a newsreel about the heroic actions of the German Union’s Valkyrie Knights, and felt she had found her calling. She immediately enlisted in the Army, and her high MUSE synchronization score made sure that troublesome matters in her past were quickly forgotten. She was immediately transferred to the newly formed United States Army Air MUSE Corps, and subsequently transferred to the European Theater and the Valkyrie Knights Battalion, Schwarzenberg Combat Group in June 1940.

Hope Johnson

Age: 17
Birthday: 4 May 1923
Citizenship: Confederate States of America
Hometown: Atlanta
Instrument: Flute
Weapon: Richmond Armory Lee-Enfield
Sidearm: LeMat M1917 Revolver
MUSE Ritter: Supermarine Aviation Works Spitfire MUSE

Hope is the youngest daughter of one of the leading families in the Atlanta area. The Johnson Plantations are best known for being one of the leading suppliers of sugar and fruits to the Coca Cola corporation and Nehi corporation. Peachwater Creek, the Johnson family estate is staffed by a small army of servants, cooks and other attendants. Extremely sheltered, Hope spent most of her early teen years as a young Southern socialite, hopping between various Salons organized by the CSA elite. News that Hope Johnson had been recruited into the Confederate States Air Force’s MUSE Corps only weeks after her debut as a debutante fueled rumors of a canceled engagement with a leading Richmond family. Hope was immediately transferred to the Valkyrie Knights Battalion, Schwarzenberg Combat Group in June 1940.

Helen North

Age: 22
Birthday: 6 December 1917
Citizenship: Free City of Hollywood
Hometown: Hollywood
Instrument: Dancer
Weapon: Rifle, Caliber .30, M1 (M1 Garand)
Sidearm: Colt Detective Special (.38 Special)
MUSE Ritter: Lockheed M-38 Lightning

Not a lot is known about Helen North’s private life. Born as Mary Ann Marshall, of Hastings, Nebraska, Helen was determined to leave her small town and become an actress. At age 18 she moved to Hollywood to attempt to break into the industry. A talent scout for Columbia Pictures noticed her at Union Station getting off the train, a fact that has given her the nickname “Lucky North.” Starting as a backup dancer in musicals, she has managed to find progressively important speaking and acting roles, and has been in a total of 7 films including her most recent role as Charlotte, a supporting character in the comedy “Mr. Yankee Goes To Richmond.” Although some claim that it is a publicity stunt carefully crafted by her agent, her recent application to join the Valkyrie Knights Battalion as Hollywood’s own Fighting Angel has been well publicized.

Ai Nishimura

Age: 16
Birthday: 23 January 1923
Citizenship: Central Honshu, League of the Rising Sun
Hometown: Edo
Instrument: Traditional Dance (Miko Kagura)
Weapon: Soshu Katana
Sidearm: Nambu Type 14
MUSE Ritter: Nakajima Ki-43-MUSE “Hayabusa M” (Type 1 MUSE)

The Nishimura family was one of the families entrusted with administering the Kanda Shrine in Edo, and Ai was raised from a child to be a miko (Shrine maiden). Ai is seen as having an exceptional ability to communicate with kami, and performs norito (incantations) as well as serving as an oracle (takusen) at the shrine. She is also exceptional at the Satokagura, able to perform both Izumo-ryu Kagura and Mikomai dance styles. Ai is very reserved, and she enjoys spending her private moments drinking tea, reading poetry and doing calligraphy. When information about the MUSE system was sent out to the League of Nation members, the League of the Rising Sun quickly tested as many miko as possible, determining that the kami would help expel the invaders, and that if Japan were blessed with any Tuners, that they would undoubtedly have a connection with the kami. The Teikoku Rikugun Kokutai (Imperial Japanese Army Air Service) found Ai first (before the Navy) and asked Ai to join with the Valkyrie Knights Battalion, Schwarzenberg Combat Group. After consulting with the kami, she agreed and went to Berlin in July 1940.

Mary Brighton

Age: 21
Birthday: 14 April 1919
Citizenship: England, United Kingdom
Hometown: Cambridge
Instrument: Clarinet
Weapon: Royal Arsenal Lee-Enfield
Sidearm: Webley Revolver
MUSE Ritter: Supermarine Aviation Works Spitfire MUSE

Jokingly known as “Ada Lovelace, Mark II” by her colleagues, Mary Brighton is a mechanical computer wizard from Cambridge University. Mary is an only child and daughter of a husband and wife mathematics professor team from the University of Edinburgh. Considered a child prodigy, most of Mary’s friends say she is obsessed with the 3 Ms, namely Mathematics, Machines and Music. Mary received her Ph.D. in Mathematics when she was 20 from Cambridge University. Mary unwittingly was part of Projekt MUSE, working on many aspects of the computer systems indirectly as part of a supersecret computational machine department of the United Kingdom government. Once the call was made to find Tuners, it was logical for the Royal Air Force to test the “Brighton of Bletchley.” Excited to finally get her hands on real MUSE systems, she was immediately assigned to join the Valkyrie Knights Battalion, Schwarzenberg Combat Group in July 1940.

Anya Ivanova Raskova

Age: 17
Birthday: 8 May 1923
Citizenship: Union of the People’s Soviets (Red Russia)
Hometown: Moscow (Mozhaysk)
Instrument: Cello
Weapon: Tula Mosin Nagant M1891/30 with 4x PEM Scope
Sidearm: TT-33 Tokarev
MUSE Ritter: Yakolev OKB Yak-MUSE

Anya grew up in a small town just outside of Moscow. The quintessential farmer’s daughter, Anya is lively and full of energy, and is notorious for her coarse behavior and exceptional sniping ability. Despite her close proximity to Moscow, she never went very far beyond the nearby town of Mozhaysk, and has never spent any time in a large city. Most of her days were spent working the farm or hunting with her five brothers. Despite being a very country girl, she had a gift for the cello, and played for the town orchestra. The discovery of her extraordinary Tuning ability was completely by chance; an Air Forces official tasked with recruiting members for a People’s Union MUSE unit happened to stop by and catch a performance of the local orchestra while waiting for his car to be fixed. On a hunch he had Anya tested for her synchronization abilities and once he discovered the results he had her immediately drafted her into the Air Forces MUSE Guard. She transferred to the Valkyrie Knights Battalion, Schwarzenberg Combat Group in July 1940.

Alessandra Sorrentino

Age: 19
Birthday: 9 September 1920
Citizenship: Allenciza Italia
Hometown: Napoli
Instrument: Voice (Mezzo-Soprano)
Weapon: Moschetto Automatico Beretta 1938A SMG
Sidearm: Beretta M1934

The Sorrentino family became a well known name in the bars and restaurants of Naples for their fine wines (Taurasi) and liqueurs (Limoncello and Grappa). Alessandra grew up on the family estate, nestled amongst vineyards in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius along the coast between Naples and Sorrento. Passionate about food and music, she is just as comfortable talking Puccini as she is about pizza or pasta. Blessed with an amazingly clear voice, she resents the typical bad-guy and secondary roles that her mezzo-soprano voice usually brings. When the Regia Aeronautica began asking female musicians to be tested for Tuning abilities, Alessandra did her patriotic duty. Her high MUSE scores meant the newly formed Regia Aeronautica MUSE Corpo begged her to join. After enlisting, Alessandra was immediately assigned to the Valkyrie Knights Battalion, Schwarzenberg Combat Group in July 1940.

Nadine Levasseur

Age: 21
Birthday: 21 July 1919
Citizenship: Freeport Marseilles
Hometown: Marseilles
Instrument: Violin
Weapon: Fusil Modele 1886-M93
Sidearm: Modele 1935A
MUSE Ritter: Curtiss M-36 Hawk

Born to an eccentric trading family with a somewhat murky past, Nadine had been swept up by the idealism of the Popular Front movement that divided France in the mid 1930s. When the French Empire seceded from the People’s French Republic, Nadine was active in supporting the effort for Marseilles to declare its own independence from the Empire. Always being around the docks, Nadine has a rough edge in terms of language and behavior, attributes held in high regard by her flamboyant single father, Gepard Levasseur. Proud of her multicultural past, she eschews tradition in favor of modern thinking. Her fiery language and temperament are contrasted by her rich, melancholic violin. When Nadine heard about the call for young women with musical abilities to help fight against the Tower, she simply looked at her father and announced “I’m going.” With a proud nod, he gave her the necessary funds to travel to the German Union for testing. Complex paperwork over the legal status of Freeport Marseilles prevented her from joining Valkyrie Knights Battalion, Schwarzenberg Combat Group any sooner than July 1940.

Meifeng Tang

Age: 20
Birthday: 11 August 1919
Citizenship: New China
Hometown: Shanghai
Instrument: Viola
Weapon: Mauser 98k
Sidearm: Luger P08 Parabellum
MUSE Ritter: Curtiss M-36 Hawk

Daughter of a prominent scholar and politician, Meifeng grew up in constant contact with Western influences. Her father was always traveling the world on League business for New China, and as a result Meifeng has lived in nearly two dozen countries and almost every continent. She is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, German, French, English, Spanish and Russian. The only constants in her life was her tutor/servant and her mother, who made sure that Meifeng got a complete education, including daily music lessons. Uninterested in political affairs, she had never considered serving in the military. Her remarkable Tuning ability was discovered quite by accident during her admissions audition to the Schwarzenberg Conservatory in July of 1940.

Janika Carppinen

Age: 20
Birthday: 15 October 1919
Citizenship: Finland
Hometown: Helsinki
Instrument: Oboe
Weapon: Mauser 98K
Sidearm: Luger P08 Parabellum
MUSE Ritter: Messerschmitt Jaegerluftritter 109A (Me JgLR 109A)

Janika’s mother Saila runs a small but popular restaurant in Helsinki that specializes in home-style cooking and is famous for its pickled herring and potato platter. Her father, Jani, is a fisherman. Janika can typically be found helping in the kitchen at her mother’s restaurant. Preferring the outdoors to inside, Janika accompanies her father when he goes on his annual week-long hunting trips. Janika’s life was unchanged by the war until the Tower offensive in mid 1940 brought the war to Finland’s doorstep. Since that time she was recruited into the hastily formed Ilmavoimat MUSE program. Janika was sent to the Valkyrie Knights Battalion, Schwarzenberg Combat Group in August 1940.

First Tuner

Age: ?
Birthday: ?
Citizenship: ?
Hometown: ?
Instrument: ?
Weapon: ?
Sidearm: ?
MUSE Ritter: Messerschmitt LR 100 (prototype)/Brandt PzR IA,PzR IB,PzR IC (prototypes)

Not much is known about the test pilot for the early days of the MUSE Knights program. It is unclear if she survived the surprise attack on Peenemunde that killed Baron Frederick Schwarzenberg.