Site of the German Union’s rocket and advanced weapons testing facility. Hosted some of Projekt MUSE’s testing facilities. Peenemunde came under attack by the Tower on 23 September 1939 when it took part in the general offensive, firing rockets at the base of the Tower. In this attack, Baron Frederick Schwarzenberg was killed.

Tower Complex

The Tower Complex is the center of Tower alien operations in Europa. The Tower complex is located about 200 kilometers southeast of Berlin (between Posen and Lodz), near Lake Jeziorsko. Anything within 50 kilometers of the base of the tower has been isolated since 1 September 1939, and since 24 September 1939 anything approaching withing 100 kilometers of the Tower Complex is immediately destroyed. So far Tower Forces have stayed within 100 kilometers of the Complex, except during the attacks on Berlin and Peenemunde on 23 September 1939.