The end of the War of Southern Succession (1861-1867) in North America heralded an era with very few international conflicts. Railroads and the telegraph rapidly shrank the world. Powerful social movements guided self determination. At a time where many had predicted nationalism driving bloody state-sponsored wars of unification, the world settled into a pattern of disintegrating states, short civil wars and rapid social and political change. Many cite the tremendous internal changes brought about by socialist movements as part of the cause, but this argument is typically refuted by pointing to the one significant international conflict of the era, the Russian Civil War. Whatever the cause, the world of today shares much in common with the world of the mid 18th Century. The League of Nations in was founded in 1924 in the aftermath of the Russian Civil War. With the arrival of the Tower, all of humanity has rallied together to protect itself from the alien menace. The League of Nations has renamed itself the League of Humanity. The League, along with its member nations seeks to protect all of mankind, regardless of nationality, from the threat of the Tower.


From the factories of Bavaria to the plantations of the Confederate States of America, the major powers of the League stand at the forefront of the fight against the Tower. Here is a list of countries that have sent forces to the Valkyrie Knights.

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