The modern battlefield is a complex mixture of warriors, machines and tactics. The United Forces under the League of Humanity have assembled the most powerful weapons known to man to battle against the forces of the Tower. Below is a list of the weapons most commonly found in the struggle to defeat the Tower and free Earth from the invaders.

MUSE Knights

MUSE Knights are the mysterious new superweapons developed by Dr. Richard Brandt and the Schwarzenberg Group. The development of these weapons has been shrouded in mystery, and very little is known by the public at large about exactly what these weapons are or what they can do.

Small Arms

Infantry still make up a majority of the United Forces military strength. Small arms from around the world are being employed in the struggle against the Tower.


Armor, aircraft, ships and trucks are the powerful war machines that the United Forces employ to defeat the invaders. Every nation in the League of Humanity is sending their very best military machines to aid in the war effort.