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Comiket 83 here we come!

By adminFriday - November 2nd, 2012Categories: Projekt MUSE Post

We had a technical glitch with our circle cut, but the important thing is that we have a table at Comiket 83! We will be selling copies of Projekt MUSE volume 1, as well as Projekt MUSE Illustrations. We will also have a new project on display, Projekt MUSE Z-System, which is a game accessory […]

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Comic Market 82!

By adminThursday - August 2nd, 2012Categories: Projekt MUSE Post

We didn’t win the lottery but will be exhibiting with our friend, Kyra, author of the awesome Gemini doujinshi, on Day 3 (8/12), West Hall し(Shi) 11-a. So if you are at Comiket, please stop by and say hello! We will be selling Projekt MUSE Vol. 1 and Projekt MUSE Illustrations. Thanks, and hope to […]

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Projekt MUSE Chapter 7 now uploaded!

By adminMonday - July 23rd, 2012Categories: Projekt MUSE Post

Sorry for the lack of posts, things have been busy. We didn’t win a seat in the Comiket lottery, but our sister circle did, so we’ll be there! I’ll post more details in the next few days. Until that time, I’ve uploaded Chapter 7 to the novel, so please enjoy!

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Project MUSE Chapter 7: On the March

By adminMonday - July 23rd, 2012Categories: Story Post

Projekt MUSE Chapter 7: On the March   Einzelganger Squadron Ready Room Berlin, German Union 24 Februry 1940   Wilhelmina glanced over at Ada and Hildy, who were sound asleep on the large bed. She knew they were exhausted. She tried to hide it, but she could feel the strain herself. Once high command had […]

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Comiket 81 wrapped up, onward to Comiket 82!

By adminTuesday - February 14th, 2012Categories: Projekt MUSE Post

Hi everyone, sorry for a lack of updates.  Thanks to all of our supporters who showed up to Comiket and purchased a copy of our original doujinshi and our latest illustration book.  Now that things are settling back to normal, we’re looking forward towards NatsuComi, and our application was submitted just in time for the […]

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